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Aventura Capital Management, LLC - Investment Advisory Services

The Boutique Experience

Aventura Capital Management, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser serving customers on three continents.  With assets under management totaling over $100 Million (USD), the company provides a boutique experience to investors seeking client focused wealth management services.  Our Financial Advisors create solutions to address your specific needs across a multitude of asset classes.

Attention to Detail

In order to provide our clients with a “high-touch” boutique experience we are dedicated to understanding both your financial needs and goals in relation to the risk parameters you are comfortable with.  Driven by our attention to detail about who you are and where you are going we can successfully build portfolios that complement your personal investing style.

Safeguarding Client Assets

We have selected the custody services of Fidelity Custody & CLearing, LLC to safeguard our client’s assets.  Fidelity Custody & Clearing, LLC is a leading financial services provider with assets under administration exceeding $6 Trillion (USD).  Our partnership provides us access to a robust technology suite and a number of research services.  This partnership delivers to ACM clients a robust support system with the coupling of our tailored management expertise.

Wealth Preservation & Creation

Our goal is simple: to create and preserve wealth.  Each day our advisors are energized by this simple ideology.  While we understand in a global environment of risks it may be challenging, but in the financial marathon it is this mindset that keeps us focused on what is important, your future.